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Just a flash of my mind.

Why wasting time on those, who can not hear?

Why hearing those, who wants to waste your time?

Why trusting gods, that came and disappeared?

Why sharing heart with those, who spare a dime?


Why waking up those, who’re addicted dreaming?

Why being part of those, who make you none?

Why spading shit, that bears for you no meaning?

Why looking back, when everything is done?


Why go with flow, when you were born to sparkle?

Why bowing down before the worthless crap?

Why not be simple instead of being remarkable?

Why trashing mind and getting into trap?


Why spending life on what you’ve  never digged in?

Why being others instead of being yourself?

Why writing story that nobody believed in?

Why closing ears instead of hearing SELF?


The time has come for all to take an action.

The shift is there. The one, you’ve never seen.

Pick out your pill and cast your mind’s reflection.

We are all one and ONE, that’s ever been.






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28 July 2013

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