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I want your soul

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 I want your soul is an associate to order global OTO

Resumirte just want everything in one simple sentence we want your soul that is all
You're in charge of getting what you think is worth your soul, never think that you will receive money quickly by signing a pact, nothing is free in your human world
Some choose to make deals through grimoires and ancient texts that do work but are complicated recipes or potions because their ingredients are hard to find or impossible to obtain
There are also many websites and people who ask exaggerated sums of money,
if all resort to a deal with the boss is because they have financial problems or want to be millionaires and dela nothing without work, many of our customers want to be singers or stars, actors and be recognized in the public media is fame, money and pleasure quickly
We send free texts and grimoires published to perform steps yourself and contact the demon in charge and make with the desired
We send free guides to get started in the Gnosis for astral travel and get the knowledge of the spiritual world in other dimensions such as future events, this method requires dedication to be effective
make you a rich person and you choose the method of obtaining these benefits such as numbers for the lottery, opening the third eye (pineal gland) to the astral light, to acquire the talent you want in human arts music, singing, performance, you decide how to use the ideas.
Method very appreciated by those who want to change something about your body, you're too low, too high, do not like the color of your eyes, you're not comfortable with the size of your penis, your ass is too small or not your size, you have no hair and suffer from baldness, you have blemishes on your skin, you suffer from acne, you have the big ears, you're skinny, you have a scar caused by an accident not like we do not want you to change and promise dela anything this process requires a Macumba ritual of five days and requires a special amulet for you to take with you always, the amulet redor many people in the world have this article that consists of 2 parts one of them to bring you to a place where are many trees you choose the oldest tree worn for asegures moorings or one of its branches in your secret you must make sure it is secure so that it is moved and the 2 pieces of the amulet must remain for 5 days in the tree and the end of the 5-day ritual delas retire one amulet pieces so that you always take the other should stay in the tree, over the 5 days you go to the place and touch the tree with your right hand and evoke your desire to (EXUS) dela way you want you should go because you tried white dress with positive spirit we must stay in place for more than 10 minutes this time is enough, during these five days is important not to have sex and not be sick you must be very good physically for your energy to be compensated, after finishing the ritual in a few days you will see the change reflected "what if I do everything and does not work" This method is very effective and can repeat / just have to change your charm tree and need not repeat the ritual, this covenant does not have expiration terms so do not lose your soul for this Bank of Souls sends you the amulet and detailed instructions to do so, if you can not bear the cost of sending the amulet, Bank free of Souls sends you the details for you to fabriques and do it yourself
Do not expect that we will sign with a sack of money and gold under your bed so few chosen, thinks if a deal were easy everyone would do it and would get all dela anything, if you look at the past many have endeavored to today a full life, never blame the country where you were born, the circumstances of your life for lack of opportunities.
Our company is looking for what your looking for the price of your soul is priceless in our spiritual world and the human world gold in your soul then the sale is a stable for you and for me,
We need your soul and you maybe money or health or whatever you want
Our covenant is not for amorous favors, nor to harm others just give you economy, you decide to do with your money.
The covenant do have a term of 30 years and not have any kind of negotiation to change the contract and agreed to extend the years, you can not break it, for example if you decide to link to a religious group or try to use some Santeria to modify it signed would you record health problems and died in unexpected ways so think well before you sell your soul
So the amount you think you can provide is completely voluntary VALUE NO MATTER should only be a cost to have a deal YOU DECIDE
FIRST CENTURY BANK  4014653732064401
only in the united states 
other contacts to interested persons outside the United States contact us by email
08 June 2013

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I want your soul
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Constantine Jhon0
08 June 2013 02:06
Если вы устали от ищет возможность,
Наша компания хочет ваша душа
если вам интересно записи
здесь bankofsouls@gmail.com
завету сейчас